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Volunteering Opportunities within South Lincolnshire Blind Society.

Here at SLBS, we know we wouldn’t be able to provide even half of the wide-ranging services we have on offer, if it wasn’t for the dedicated and fantastic work of our volunteer community.

Volunteers are an integral part of our society, and help us provide such vital and beneficial services for our service users. Some of our volunteers have come to us as a result of personal experience of going through sight-loss with someone, and know the importance of being able to live as independently as possible. Others have come to us simply because they have a spare couple of hours either on a regular basis or just now and then, and the desire to support others while also expanding their own social lives and friendships.

In return for our volunteer’s dedication and hard work, we offer our full support, Visual Impairment training, and frequent coffee mornings to give everyone a chance to get-together and celebrate the work they do.

Whatever your motivation for volunteering with us, we are sure to have a role that suits what you’re looking for! We are always looking to welcome new volunteers around South Lincolnshire into the following roles;

  • Home Visiting Service
    Provides a fantastic opportunity not only for our service users but for our volunteers, to build friendships and discover the interests and passions of others. Requires visiting one of our sight impaired members in their home to offer a friendly face and to put the world to rights over a cuppa. Involves no personal care.
  • Carer Sitting Service
    A vital role in giving someone a well deserved break. Aimed at supporting those who care for a loved one. By giving up just a few hours here and there to offer companionship to a cared for person, you would be allowing a carer the time to see to their own responsibilities and lives, while knowing the cared for person is safe and in good company. Involves no personal care.
  • Telephone Befriending service
    Build friendships and discover the interests and passions of others from your own home! Some members do not wish to have a home visitor, or may be in a situation that stops them. But would enjoy a quick chat on the telephone to ensure that they have regular contact outside the home.
  • Social Group/ Book Group Helpers
    Help enhance the life of a visually impaired person by helping out at one of our numerous social groups near the area in which you live. Just a couple of hours on a regular basis could mean something to look forward to for an isolated person. Social groups provide an opportunity for members and sometimes their carers to meet up to have a cup of tea and engage in some much needed social interaction, in a relaxed group atmosphere.
  • General Fundraising events
    Fundraising events allow South Lincolnshire Blind Society to not just raise vital funds for the society, but raise awareness of sight loss and ensure that those in your local community who are visually impaired are aware of the support system and services we can provide.
  • Eye Clinic Information
    Provide help and reassurance to those who have been told they have a life changing condition and ensure that they know there is a support system behind them, at the time when they need it the most.
  • Admin/Office helpers
    Office volunteers are a vital support to the society, by providing a couple of hours on a regular basis, you can ensure that the society and its services can run smoothly. Opportunity is currently only available at our Grantham office.


  • For more information on these opportunities, or for general volunteering enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01476 592775, or via email at slbs@blind-Society.org.uk.

              We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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