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About South Lincolnshire Blind Society.

‘ Our aim is to work with blind and partially sighted people, to provide services so that they may lead fuller, more independent lives’

The South Lincolnshire Blind Society was the result of the merging of the old Boston & South Holland Blind Society and the Kesteven Blind Society in 2006 following a long period of working together and consultation.

The two old societies were formed back in 1917 as the result of the former Lincolnshire Blind Society finding it had more people unable to be cared for.

The Society is based in Grantham where we have our office and resource centre, which is accessible to all service users and members of the public. This provides information, equipment and general advice along with providing the administration of the charity.

It is the base for the Operations Manager who has the responsibility for the services provided both in and out of the offices, and is also the office of the Chief Executive.

With our inclusive society, we want to ensure that all of our customers, clients and service users get the support they need from all service providers and not to come across barriers, whether it is information, environmental or poor customer service. This not only may break the Equality Act, but may mean they will be dissatisfied with a service and take their custom elsewhere. Many of the barriers are caused by lack of knowledge and not through malice, but with advice, training and our transcription service, SLBS provides support to companies and organisations so they overcome this problem. SLBS also provides services to professionals who wish to improve their support of visually impaired people in the community and comply with the Equality Act.

Many of our services are provided free of charge. However there will be a charge for some items of equipment from the Resource Centre, but for expensive items with people on low income, there may be opportunities to access some grants.

Those who are residents in the administrative district council areas of North Kesteven, South Kesteven, Boston Borough and South Holland can make use of our services, and anyone can contact SLBS for support.

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