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Our Services

Here at the South Lincolnshire Blind Society, we accommodate all levels of Visual Impairment.

We offer those with sight-loss ,visits from our Community Support Workers, who provide a vital support system through advice, training, equipment and information; all of which are aimed at enabling those with sight-loss to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

Depending on the level of sight-loss someone is dealing with, many can find themselves becoming very isolated. Recognizing that this would play a huge part in the quality of someone’s life and in their mentality towards their sight-loss, we offer and encourage service users to facilitate our home-visiting/befriending service, which can reach those who are perhaps unable to get themselves to social events, such as our independently volunteer-run social clubs and coffee-morning get-togethers around South Lincolnshire.

In addition to all our volunteer-driven services, we are fortunate enough to be able to offer a further wide range of supportive services, such as:

  • British Wireless for the Blind Agents.
  • Talking Books and Talking Newspapers.
  • Emotional Support Service.
  • Quarterly newsletter packed full of useful information.
  • Demonstrations of specialist equipment, designed for visually impaired people to use both in their homes and out and about.
  • Information on eye conditions and how to look after your sight.
  • Advice on lighting and contrast to maximise the use of low vision.
  • Specialist sight impairment officers.
  • Rehabilitation and Mobility services.
  • Local support groups and social activities.
  • Book Groups.
  • Specialist resource centre in Grantham.
  • Help and information about benefits and concessions for people with sight loss and their carers.
  • Carer Support Services.
  • Specialist support from Guide dogs, RNIB, Children’s services, local authority.
  • Advocacy services.
  • Technology solutions, mobiles, tablets, ipads.
  • Training in Visual Impairment Guiding.

For more information on any of the mentioned services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team at 01476 592775, or at slbs@blind-society.org.uk.

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